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Dr. V. Stone

Services for lawyers working with brain-injured clients: Scientific expert testimony & trial consulting. Get the latest science; get the right evidence.

Win more, lose less, and make sure clients with real brain injuries get the benefits they deserve.

People with brain injuries are routinely denied benefits they are entitled to. The issues are complex and it can be hard to know who is truly in need and who is malingering. Fortunately we can help you use cutting edge science and new approaches to thinking through your case in order to cut through the confusion and discover the truth.

The right evidence makes a difference; make sure you are not building a case on the wrong evidence.

Not all clinicians keep up with the latest science -- we do, so we can help you keep up too. We can guide you through understanding the latest science, and understanding the tests and assessments that will be most useful to your case. We can also help you explain your client's case in simple terms a jury can understand

People with traumatic brain injuries (TBI's) have disabilities that can seem subtle, but in fact significantly interfere with work, family relationships, and other social relationships. Because the disabilities can be difficult to detect with basic cognitive testing, insurance companies sometimes deny benefits to people with TBI's who are in fact disabled. Learn how experts can detect the disabilities suffered after TBI.


Our consulting & education give you access to information vital to helping you win your clients' cases. You will learn:

  • How trouble with interpersonal and emotional issues after TBI can be a warning sign of damage that cognitive assessments won't always pick up.
  • How to know the right science-based questions to ask an expert witness. The right questions can make the difference between a claim paid and a claim denied.
  • Why the most commonly used brain scan is not sensitive enough to show damage after brain injury, and why new brain imaging techniques are sensitive enough.
  • Which neural circuitry for emotions and social behavior is often damaged in TBI and why this can cause your client significant problems that often go undiagnosed.
  • Which psychological tests are sensitive enough to show disability after brain injury and when you should be relying on them.

Dr. Valerie E. Stone Ph.D.

Dr. Valerie Stone is passionate about getting the latest science into the hands of professionals who can use it to help people with brain-based disorders. She is a recognized international research expert in traumatic brain injury, dementia, and autism spectrum disabilities. Dr. Stone has taught continuing education courses to over 200 lawyers and judges about these issues.

Dr. Stone is respecializing in Clinical Psychology (2013-17) and completed her clinical internship at the Alaska VA Medical Center in Anchorage. After she is licensed in Colorado, Dr. Stone will broaden her services to include individual evaluation and therapy for people with TBI.



Postdoctoral study:

  • Respecialization in Clinical Psychology, Fielding Graduate University, 2013-17
  • University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience, 1993-97
  • Cambridge University, England, 1997-98

Faculty appointments at:

  • University of Denver, 1998-2003
  • University of Queensland, Australia, 2003-2008